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Statement adopted by the Danish coalition

February 19th 2003

Demonstration Copenhagen February 15th: At the US Embassy
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The biggest truly global day of action against war in world history had a clear cut message for Bush & consorts: The war You are about to unleash will not take place in our name - and we shall see it stopped!
From one country to the next, in a wave of record demonstrations, our statement was pinpointed: NO WAR AGAINST IRAQ!
This would be a criminal war, against international law - a war for oil and hegemony. A 'colonial war' in the year 2003.

In Denmark more than 40.000 people were in the streets of Copenhagen and 11 other towns. The participation exceeded all expectations and show that it is a cause of the whole people to stop the war, before it starts. The world is in motion to secure peace.
It was a signal from the vigilant and compassionate Denmark that we will not be a participant in the war of Bush and Blair. That we are ashamed, that prime minister Fogh Rasmussen and Denmark abroad are perceived as a certain and willing partner in war.

We do not accept that the Danish government and the parliament majority leave it for the UN Security Council to decide if there will be war or not. It is the duty of the Danish politicians to take a stand of their own and develop a Danish policy for peace.
A Security Council resolution giving green light to war will not make this war just or legitimate. A war of aggression as the one, which is planned, will be in violation of the UN Charter.
Every Danish politician should defend the Charter and condemn the Bush strategy for 'preemptive strikes' as another word for war of aggression, in violation of international law.
Only US is threatening with the use of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear bombs.
We are unable to understand how weapons of mass destruction can be removed by using weapons of mass destruction.
If the United Nations - supposed to defend peace and counter aggression - can not prevent this war, this organisation will loose its authority among the citizens of the world.

All the socalled people of 'responsibility' who support such a war - with or without a resolution from the Security Council - will be guilty in a crime against humanity. This goes for Bush, Blair and maybe also Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The profiteers on death - including the Danish companies taking profits from the war - should be held responsible, too.
The Danish prime minister has said that he would wish, that the protesters of February 15th had been protesting the massacre of Halabja. The prime minister did not protest at that time. Many of us did. We defend the kurds against aggression. And we support the Palestinians against aggression from a power that violates UN resolutions every day.

The prime minister tells that we are playing the game of Saddam Hussein. We know whose game it is, that the prime minister is playing.
We are against the regime of Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi people deserves better. But it must itself get rid of him. The Iraqi people have suffered from brutal wars and 12 years of inhuman sanctions dictated by the US.
We say: There will be no democracy by removing one dictator and installing a US-lackey in a torrent of bombs. Bombs will not create democracy, and war and occupation not freedom and progress. This would be another disaster for the Iraqi people.
We demand the removal of the sanctions. We favour that the pressure on the Iraqi people is relieved, so they can begin to live. This will also remove Saddam Hussein.

We fight this war to prevent it, and we shall fight it from its first day, if it is unleashed.

Concretely we appeal for the formation of local anti war groups everywhere - at schools, educational institutions, work places, trade unions, town and cities and parts of cities. The struggle to win world opinion is global, but it must be won locally.

If the war begins

If the war starts we appeal that you gather for demonstrations at the city halls next time the clock shows 8 p.m. The following Saturday new demonstrations will be organised.

We appeal to school pupils and students to stop the lectures and to show their protest, when the war breaks out. To state that the youth shall not sacrifice its own or innocent Iraqi blood for oil.

We appeal to workers and employees in private and public enterprises to make their protest visible - you have the power to stop the wheels of society. We appeal to shop stewards and trade union leaders to uphold their real obligation to social peace: to rise against the war.

We appeal to the soldiers to refuse to go to war, and we appeal to all those, who are to carry out the concrete steps for war, to refuse to take part.

We want peace.
We know it has to be won in struggle.


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Jørn Andersen, tlf. 40 30 02 10, e-mail: jorn@jorna.dk
Annelise Ebbe, tlf. 39 69 67 75, e-mail: a_ebbe@centrum.dk
Dorte Grenaa, tlf. 35 42 26 86, e-mail: dortegrenaa@yahoo.dk
Helge Bo Jensen, tlf. 33 93 33 24, e-mail: elland@ft.dk

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