Obama Nobel Prize Protest

Mr. Obama: Yes You Can!
Get Out of Afghanistan!

By Troels Riis Larsen
Stop Terrorkrigen

Troels Riis Larsen ved fakkelprotesten DR-Update 9.12.2009
Click to watch DR-Update interviewing Troels Riis Larsen,
spokesperson of 'Stop the Terror War'

Speech held at the US Embassy in Copenhagen at the protest manifestation YES WE CAN! GET OUT OF AFGHANISTAN

More than 8 years ago I was one of the activists who initiated FredsVagten, the Danish Peaceguard, that ever since – day in and day out – has been present in front of the Parliament at Christiansborg to communicate that we want an end to the involvement in the disastrous and illegitimate wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Peaceguard was created as a reaction to Danish participation in the Afghan war. It is a long time since I was an active guard, but the PeaceGuard continues its protest. New activists are mobilised and it is a long time ago, since it became the longest lasting peace action in Danish history. It will carry on as long as the unjust wars continue.

In my opinion the Danish PeaceGuard would be a valid candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize just as the antiwar movement around the world that mobilized millions of people against the war in Iraq. It stood courageously up against the blatant lies of war criminals George Bush, Tony Blair and the present NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

President Obama does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. His talk of Hope, Change and Peace turn out to be just demagogy with no action.

Mr. Obama! Close down Guantanamo now – this nazi-like concentration camp!

Mr. Obama! Leave war torn Iraq and pay reparations for destroying a country on the basis of a lie.

Mr. Obama! Don’t surge Afghanistan under the 8 year old pretext of hunting down Osama bin Laden! This war is a failed war.  You failed in creating democracy and progress. The puppet government of the vote swindling Karzai is a failed regime. Admit failure and back our!

Mr. Obama! Don’t extend the war to Pakistan! Stop the drone killings!§ Stop instigation of civil war, if you want to be a man of peace, as you claim!

And Mr. Obama! Stop your support for Zionist Israel and its annexations of Palestinian land.

Stop your destructive wars and illegitimate occupations, mr. Obama!

We cannot help thinking that you have become a puppet of the Pentagon an d Wall Street, since you don’t do what you said you would – but do the opposite.

But you will not win the war in Afghanistan. The iraqi or the Palestinian people will not be defeated either. Your continued war spells disaster for the US and for NATO.

There is no real way our of the world economic crises, that has hit the US so hard, by extending the wars. And there is no way president Obama can become a ‘climate hero’ if there is not put an end to the wars. The climate crises and climate change is closely related to the wars, militarization and the armies, who stand for the biggest non-productive carbon dioxide emissions ever. And the US alone stand for more than 50 percent of world military expenditures.

Covered in complete secrecy are the experiments of climate control – which spells climate change – that the US army has been conducting for decades, at least since the war in Vietnam.

Military destruction, military pollution and military carbon dioxide emissions are not on the agenda of COP15. But the greatest immediate measure that can be taken to reduce these emissions is to end the wars and reduce the military substantially.

We don’t believe that a fair and honest climate deal can be made in Copenhagen unless an end to military destruction becomes an integrated goal.

Our trust in the results of COP15 is reduced to zero as it has become known, that prime war mongers as the US, the UK with the Danish government of Lars Løkke Rasmussen have prepared their own deal in advance, as has been disclosed with the leak of the ‘Danish texts’, that favours the interests of the rich imperialist countries and neglects the interests of the developing countries, who are the first victims of global climate change.

At the end of the day no lasting deal can be made unless profound changes in the global social fabric are made.

The struggle against war and militarisation must become a part of the tasks of climate activism, just as the struggle against climate change must become an integrated part of the anti war movement. The issues are interrelated and so are the solutions.
They cannot be left to lying and polluting states and governments – they are a global core issue right now, and it is up to the ordinary people, and not least to the young generation of today to solve it.


Not a smooth talking American president – BUT THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD CAN MAKE THE CHANGE!

Mr. Obama: Yes You Can! Get Out of Afghanistan!

- End -