Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize



Dec 9th at  4  pm

By Ulla Røder

Ulla Røder in 2001 receiving the Alternate Nobel Peace Prize with two other activists of Trident Ploughshares
The Danish peace activist Ulla Røder, who in 2001 received the Right Livelihood Award – known as the Alternate Nobel Prize – has sent the following message to the protest YES WE CAN – GET OUT OF AFGHANISTAN at the US Embassy in Copenhagen Wednesday December 9th at 4 p.m.

Photo: Ulla Røder in 2001 receiving the Alternate Nobel Peace Prize with two other activists of Trident Ploughshares

Welcome to all of you  and thanks for taking time during the COP15 to give this little protest attention. I am sorry I cannot speak any longer. A friend of mine have asked me to write a few words for this occasion.

The climate situation haa not changed yet, nor has the war situation - and where is the hope many of us had when president Obama replaced the warmonger Bush.
The world do not need nuclear weapons - we shall live together in respect and tolerance... we heard....The people in the rich part of this world must contribute to the suffering people arond the world ... ect. ect. and... talk talk talk.
Has anything changed at all, yet? NO!!!

Has Mr. Obama, who tomorrow will receive the Nobel Peace Prize, changed I ask myself?
Yes... I believe he has changed a lot. He is now the right hand to the usual business in the USA. He is ready to keep up the previous president Bush's programs. Create jobs and consuming.. the wheels must run continuously at any price. War and military business all over the world is part of that price.

30.000 US soldiers and 7.000 from NATO  to Afghanistan, claiming the first will start to go home again next summer. I can hear a lie here as big as the one the former president Bush told when he invaded Iraq.

I do believe Mr. Obama is a man of peace in heart. But shame on the people who now again have set the whole spirit of Nobel  at stake and have granted this important prize to a man who may have peace in his heart, but is fully controlled by the military establishment and big coorporations of the US!

We cannot allow ourself to be blinded by good intentions and beautiful speaches. It is still important to keep eyes and ears open and resist, resist and resist when violence and injustice happens.

COP 15 with all the festivities in the street will not change the world - not this time. Real changes comes from the minds and hearts of the people of this world - not from greedy people in power. They will never share the resources of this world fairly. The will drain the most into company profit and their own pockets; And the crumbs leftover will end  in the third worlds leaders’ hands - how much will disappear in corruption I hardly dare to think about.

One thing is sure. Only you and I can do it - YES WE CAN. We can change this world. We are on a long dangerous, steep road, undermined by the ignorants of this world who close their eyes and wait for the science or their God (or Gods) to help all the problems with as well the economic climate as the global nature change.

There is no science and there is no God who will help here. Standing together now is a must. Now. No agreeing with the strongest leaders on a lot of smaller issues harming ourselves in the end of the day - but stand firmly on our right to live in this world without being at risk of health and life.

When I saw the big globe at the City hall Square my first vision were  arrows with big loafs sent towards it - but my vision died when the globe bursted from all the global US military defence systems.  

Keep up the protest and your clean thinking and living.
And to those of you who want to be politicians some day:
Good Morning --- wake up.  

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